You can have lots of friends but there can only be one best friend forever and mine is Mary Margret Power.
  1. Someone who will always take your side first but tell you in the nicest way of you are being a little cray.
    She ALWAYS take my side. I could kill puppies and she will say that they could have been evil.
  2. You can go months without see each other or speaking to each other and you just pick up where you left off.
    Like really. We have not lived in the same state or country for the last 15 years.
  3. They do not think you are the biggest idiot for being borderline computer illiterate and SOOO so far behind on basically everything in the 21st century.
    This includes but is not limited to; pop culture, any thing relating to technology, politics, US news, hip terms (I still do not get fleek) new music, whether Britney has hair, and yes, this app.
  4. You can literally tell them anything and they do not judge.
    Mary, I was actually kind of proud when you told me the Canada story. I didn't know wether to believe you at first hahah but you go girl! Lol
  5. They agree that there can never be too much cheese, both kinds.