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I'm taking this way to seriously. These 5 lists are just sitting in my drafts constantly getting changed. I want the to be perfect
  1. Stereotyped- people have southerners all wrong
  2. Mall in the Sky- my favorite skymall finds
  3. Southern Sayings-they just keep coming to me
  4. Billion Dollar Ideas- i have what it takes to be a billionaire and i have the ideas to prove it
  1. December 29, 2014. Will ,Joanna, & I got fireworks. The smoke+fog+street light made for a really cool photo op.
  2. Boston Harbor
  3. Chef Pluto
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You mean I don't have to download the whole album? I can just get that one song I care about? #ituneswin This is generally the case. Rarely do I download the whole album, and when I do I usually just listen to that one song. These are the exceptions. These are my top 5 most played albums. Literally play them over and over. Can't stop won't stop.
  1. Mountains of Sorry, Rivers of Song -Amos Lee (accidentally heard him on Instagram)
  2. The Lumineers (They opened for Old Crow Medicine show. They were better.)
  3. Barton Hollow -The Civil Wars (another happy accident)
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Any form...I'll eat
  1. Mashed
  2. Smashed
  3. Fried
3 more...
Not really but my nerves get worked on sometimes...
  1. My Pleasure: Is it really? Is it?
  2. Curbside ordering: I just want to order my food without staring into the eyes of judgement!
  3. That's it everything else there is a gift from heaven!