So everyone has a routine on game day. Right ?
  1. Get to the arena around 4
  2. Get to my office check emails for 30 mins
  3. Get out on the court and get up jumpers
    I have my own arena to myself. Hell yes I'm going to get out there and get up shots. Nothing takes away the stress of the day better than listening to the ball go through the net. Particularly when our rims are mic'd so the swoosh sound echoes through the arena
  4. Walk to the locker room.
  5. Get on the stair master and do media interviews
    I've been doing this for years. There is an unexplainable pleasure having sports media asking me questions while I am 2 feet above them, working out and more importantly sweating just inches from them. One bad question and I'm shaking my head into a nice media shower
  6. Shower
  7. Answer emails
  8. Game time !