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I need a hobby. I decided to get into cheese. Here's a running list of cheeses I've tried.
  1. Ski Queen 5/6/17
    Allegedly based on a classic Norway cheese. Combination sheep and goat milk. Billed as smooth with caramel undertones, which is actually accurate. Could be a dessert. Will probably gorge self on this. Would be fun for baking? Or eating casually in bed?
  2. Taleggio 5/6/17
    Soft cow's milk cheese, spreadable. Not at all funky, which is a plus. A little tangy. Tried with prosciutto and it passed.
  3. Royal Napolean 15 months 5/6/17
    Pretty firm sheep's cheese. Not firm like parmesan, but it doesn't have any bounce. Pretty smooth tasting for sheep. Mellow taste, I think? Not distinctive. Would not win prom queen but would pass math.
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I just read these books by Daniel O'Malley, and now I can't shut up about them.
  1. I picked up The Rook about a month ago. A book about Her Majesty's Supernatural Secret Service? Yes.
    (📸: amazon)
  2. It's thick as a brick, but I blew through it in a week.
  3. It's about a woman who comes to awareness in the park and has no memory of her past or self. She doesn't even know her name. She finds a note in her pocket from her former self which tells her that her memory has been wiped.
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Professionally, I work in mental health. To keep my license, I have to attend 35 hours worth of continuing ed every two years. I'm in a boring one today. So here's a list of people I see every time.
  1. The mystical sweater cape lady.
    Usually in her 50s-60s. Wears gauzy clothes and glasses. Likely to be wearing a crystal on a chain. Old school therapist who prefers to see her clients for years. Very interested in alternative therapies. Distrustful of insurance companies.
  2. The know-it-all white guy
    Raises hand frequently to ask pointed questions of the presenter. Often already an "expert" on the class topic and wants to make sure everyone knows. Particularly interested in making female presenter appear incompetent. Delays lunch break. Everyone hates him.
  3. The blatantly inattentive
    Sits near the back and does not even pretend to pay attention. Accessories include: tablet, laptop, headphones, crossword puzzle book, cell phone. Fills out course assessment before the class starts and is first out the door. Just here for the hours.
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Minor aggravations that are actually signs of deeper societal problems, if you think about it.
  1. Baby on Board signs
  2. The phrase, "she got her body back!"
  3. Facebook challenges of any kind
  4. The Big Bang Theory
  1. The Great British Baking Show
    American Season 3 premieres Friday, July 1, 9 PM EST, PBS
  2. That's it. That is the only thing worth liking this week.
  3. That's not true. I also got some great leggings. But I want you to understand the depth of my affection for this show.
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  1. Plizzanet Earth with Snoop: Otter Edition http://youtu.be/e-7UbU45a1U
    My friend CK sent this to me, probably because I enjoy otters and absurdity. She knows me well. This is Snoop narrating Planet Earth. It's an old video, but I've still watched it at least 10 times this week. It has not been a great week at work; this is how I'm coping.
  2. Euphoria by Lily King
    @jhenifer started harassing me to read this book a year ago, and I finally did and she was so right. It's a tight narrative, loosely based on a love triangle from the life of anthropologist Margaret Mead. It's an original story that's engaging to read while still feeling literary. And there's so much in there about gender politics and love. A+
  3. Rainbow Gum Trees
    Related to Euphoria. The cover art from the book represents a Rainbow Gum Tree from the story. Google them- they are real, and they are magnificent.
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A weekly roundup of recommendations in a variety of areas. Supersized to account for a week of heavy gravity.
  1. This picture
    I admit: I like this picture every week. But isn't it magnificent? I have it saved as a favorite photo on my phone, and I pull it up as needed.
  2. Mexican Chocolate Sugar (You can order from her Etsy if you're tantalized: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrinySeaDryGoods )
    I went to Beautiful Briny Sea over the weekend for a book release. You might think a local salt and sugar emporium is a strange place for a book release, and I'll leave you to those thoughts while I enjoy the Mexican Chocolate Sugar sample packet they gave me. Screw your fake sugar and put a little of this in your coffee to get a little sweet heat in your morning. I feel glamorous. Like someone in a coffee commercial.
  3. Imagine a salty potty-mouth is put in charge of the social media account for a mild-mannered retail chain. This is the result. They're brash, hilarious, and not for prudish pearl clutchers. Every time they post a list, I end up guffawing. Mom, you won't like this one. Note: Just in case it's not clear, this is not actually the official JoAnn Fabrics.
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A weekly roundup of recommendations in a variety of areas.
  1. Kanoodle
    My 7 year old nephew got this brain twister puzzle for Christmas, and we took turns stealing it from him. This week, I saw it at Barnes & Noble and couldn't stop myself. It's kind of like Tetris on steroids. It's one of the best ways I've found to clear my mind. Soothing, satisfying, and actually pretty good brain exercise.
  2. Two Dope Queens
    The comedy podcast hosted by Jessica Williams & Phoebe Robinson. It's recorded from live stage performances. The best parts are the two of them riffing on each other, but they invite their comedian friends to perform, too. They cover everything—Tinder, race, the patriarchy, Buffy and Angel— and they cover it with wit. Mom, you won't like this one.
  3. How Blac Chyna Beat the Kardashians at Their Own Game https://www.buzzfeed.com/sylviaobell/karma-kardashian
    Look, I don't even watch their show, but I some how know all about the Kardashians and their feuds. And I love articles about the strategy of celebrity. It's hard not to root for Blac Chyna, and I feel an obligation to support Rob since we were once on the same flight from Tampa to Atlanta. The flight attendant stopped me as I was boarding so his entourage could get settled. She was very starstruck.
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  1. 1.
    Summer Roberts
  2. 2.
    And then everyone else.
  3. 3.
    I was going to end it there, but it seemed lazy.
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I know, I know. Dreams are boring when they're not your own. So don't read this. Whatever. I just want to remember this one.
  1. It started with me talking to someone accused of killing her friend when they were teenagers.
  2. And she was like, "Obviously, I didn't kill her."
  3. And I was like, "Yeah, I believe her. She's so bubbly."
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