90s TV Shows I recorded on VHS and watched over and over

  1. MMC (aka The All New Mickey Mouse Club)
    Only because I was obsessed with their weekly 5 minute soap opera, Emerald Cove. This is where Keri Russell and Tony Lucca first displayed their Showmance. But I was in it for Mac and Will, the scrappy best friend and the serious sidekick, separated cruelly soon after they got together. He went back to Canada. They briefly had a love triangle with JC Chasez, who played an airhead surfer. I am possibly the only Mac and Will shipper of all time.
  2. Boy Meets World
    I was SUPER into the early seasons, when Cory was a wisenheimer. He later turned into an earnest, righteous, fuss pot. But I adored young Cory and his flirtation with Topanga and his buddy comedy with Shaun and his animosity toward Minkus. These were the golden days of smart Eric, weird Topanga, and original recipe Lily.
  3. Dawson's Creek
    I attended a Dawson's Creek night for live airings, but I would get annoyed by the extraneous chatter of my friends. So I recorded it so I could re-watch later and really ABSORB it. I started to lose interest after they made Andie cheat on Pacey while in the psych hospital. But that second season! Overalls! SATs! Jack coming out! Abby dying! What a perfect TV season!
  4. General Hospital
    Only for the teenage Lucky and Elizabeth scenes. I'd record the whole episode and then fast forward through all the other scenes to just watch them. They had about 5-6 minutes total per day, but those 5 minutes were glorious. Lucky lived in a boxcar for a while, and they hit every romance trope- he wrote a song for her, they danced outside a fancy ball together, and he took her to secret church to pledge his love for her on Valentine's Day. This possibly warped me for life.
  5. The Wonder Years
    I recorded the Nick at Night re-runs instead of the original airings. Then I brought them to school, and we snuck into the A/V room in the library to watch them. Until the librarian caught us. We preferred the early episodes before Kevin and Winnie got together. So many later stars appearing as middle schoolers! Zach AND Screech! Blossom! Alicia Silverstone! And more!