I know, I know. Dreams are boring when they're not your own. So don't read this. Whatever. I just want to remember this one.
  1. It started with me talking to someone accused of killing her friend when they were teenagers.
  2. And she was like, "Obviously, I didn't kill her."
  3. And I was like, "Yeah, I believe her. She's so bubbly."
  4. But then I started to get outside opinions and was like, "huh... Maybe she's a sociopath and is lying. I better Google this when I wake up."
  5. The murder was bloody and involved an axe.
  6. And was related to a six person teen performance group.
  7. And a cabin with a lot of glass windows.
  8. The murdered girl was annoying to the others, but murder seemed extreme.
  9. So, my dream self found the TV movie based on the crime and watched it in an effort to find out what really happened.
  10. Because TV movies are a good source of truth.
  11. The TV movie starred a young Jason Priestley as one of the members of the performance group.
  12. Which is why I spent my lunch hour on his IMDB page. To see if the movie exists and if I'm kind of psychic.
  13. I'm not.