Cheeses I've Tried

I need a hobby. I decided to get into cheese. Here's a running list of cheeses I've tried.
  1. Ski Queen 5/6/17
    Allegedly based on a classic Norway cheese. Combination sheep and goat milk. Billed as smooth with caramel undertones, which is actually accurate. Could be a dessert. Will probably gorge self on this. Would be fun for baking? Or eating casually in bed?
  2. Taleggio 5/6/17
    Soft cow's milk cheese, spreadable. Not at all funky, which is a plus. A little tangy. Tried with prosciutto and it passed.
  3. Royal Napolean 15 months 5/6/17
    Pretty firm sheep's cheese. Not firm like parmesan, but it doesn't have any bounce. Pretty smooth tasting for sheep. Mellow taste, I think? Not distinctive. Would not win prom queen but would pass math.
  4. Mimolette 12 Month 5/6/17
    Cow's milk cheese, really hard. That sounds dirty. And super orange, like Texas burnt orange. Salty? I don't know, this cheese taste testing is hard. It all tastes like cheese. This one is dry, like dried cheddar maybe.
  5. Robusto 5/6/17
    A cow's milk cheese that is hard and crumbly. It wasn't bad, but I don't think I would buy it again. It's like a white cheddar that leaves crumbs, and who has time for that. But if the world ends, and this is the last cheese- yes, eat it and savor it.
  6. Mitica Pimento
    Semi-soft goat cheese rubbed with paprika. This is kind of like Drunken Goat, the crowd pleaser cheese with a purple rind. It doesn't really taste like paprika at all, but there's a whiff of spice after you're done. But you could totally miss that If you're mindlessly watching TV and eating cheese, like you do.
  7. Cordobes
    Softish sheep cheese that doesn't taste like feet. I don't really know what it does taste like, but not feet. Perfectly fine. Would not fight someone for last piece.
  8. Gouda with truffles
    Cow's milk, Gouda. So soft, I couldn't get the camera to focus on it, but not so soft you could spread it. The cheesemonger at Whole Foods have me a piece of this while I perused other cheeses. He called it walk-about cheese, which made me fall in love with him. This has actual truffles in it, and they're not overwhelming like when you buy truffle oil and your whole car smells pretentious for a week. They are exactly right and this is what Treat Yo Self is meant for.