1. "This wig really itches."
  2. "I will stuff that corgi and hang it over my mantel."
  3. "You're all inbred, you know. Yes. Even you."
  4. "Just once, I want to swallow the champagne. Just once."
  5. "For god's sake, she's a baby. Who cares if she wears sequins?"
  6. "I did it, Mummy. I'm a princess!"
    Suggested by   @jhenifer
  7. "If they only knew how much Spanx I'm wearing. If they only knew!"
    Suggested by   @jhenifer
  8. "Wouldn't it be delicious to write into the St Andrews alumni magazine to tell them what I've been up to? HA."
    Suggested by   @jhenifer
  9. "Who do I have to behead to get tickets to Hamilton?"
  10. "I deserve all of this."
    Suggested by   @jhenifer
  11. "I'm going to sleep on a pile of jewels and money tonight."
    Suggested by   @jhenifer
  12. "Harry being the one to keep his hair seems a little too on the nose, yeah?"
  13. *unintelligible incantations that keep up all the powerful spells she has cast*
    Suggested by   @jhenifer