I think we're supposed to find Kimmy's clothes juvenile and overly bright? But I just want to know where she shops. (list to be updated as I work through Season 2)
  1. Stripes with a pop of green. Classic.
  2. Look at the perfectly proportioned denim bomber jacket! I bet it goes with everything!
  3. Oh, man. A buttoned cardigan with a dotted dress? Sign me up.
  4. Striped shirts with sequined animals are not just for Gap Kids. Give us more.
  5. A splashy cocktail dress with a bright blue bag. She is like a bird of paradise.
  6. It's hard to pull off a dress with hearts. A belt and a v-neck and a Tituss help.
  7. Even her pajamas are great. Looks at that bold print. And a red head that makes pink work? We should put her in a magazine.
  8. You had me at flouncey red skirt with tights. But then you made my dreams come true with a scalloped edge blue coat.
  9. Oh, hey, perfect antique-ish brown leather oxfords that go with everything.
  10. A bedazzled cardigan is never wrong.
  11. Would you look at that scarf? That excellent pattern-work? Le sigh.
  12. Okay. Stay with me. Yellow stripes under navy stripes with a sneak attack rainbow striped belt. The audacity!
  13. And we round out the season with an adorable fox sweater. Come back soon, Kimmy! Bring your closet!