A weekly roundup of recommendations in a variety of areas. Supersized to account for a week of heavy gravity.
  1. This picture
    I admit: I like this picture every week. But isn't it magnificent? I have it saved as a favorite photo on my phone, and I pull it up as needed.
  2. Mexican Chocolate Sugar (You can order from her Etsy if you're tantalized: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrinySeaDryGoods )
    I went to Beautiful Briny Sea over the weekend for a book release. You might think a local salt and sugar emporium is a strange place for a book release, and I'll leave you to those thoughts while I enjoy the Mexican Chocolate Sugar sample packet they gave me. Screw your fake sugar and put a little of this in your coffee to get a little sweet heat in your morning. I feel glamorous. Like someone in a coffee commercial.
  3. @joannfabrics on li.st App
    Imagine a salty potty-mouth is put in charge of the social media account for a mild-mannered retail chain. This is the result. They're brash, hilarious, and not for prudish pearl clutchers. Every time they post a list, I end up guffawing. Mom, you won't like this one. Note: Just in case it's not clear, this is not actually the official JoAnn Fabrics.
  4. Static
    I can't resist a celebrity think piece, especially one by Anne Helen Petersen. This isn't just about Zefron. It touches on teen idols since the early days of Hollywood and how they struggle with the transition to adulthood. She discusses teen girl psychology, the Disney machine, and Zefron's potential. It's fun but makes you feel smarter— the perfect Longread.
  5. Cilantro Lime Chckpeas ( http://www.alexandracooks.com/2016/03/23/chickpeas-with-cilantro-lime-dressing/ 📷 by alexandracooks.com)
    Just skip the whole part about cooking your own chickpeas. Nobody has time for that. (Unless you do? In which case, how nice for you!) Go straight to the cilantro-lime dressing and just drain some chickpeas from a can. Make this ahead, and you have a healthy protein snack to eat for a couple days. Refreshing and summery. I leave out the onions and nothing terrible has happened to me.
  6. Static
    Admittedly, I have a couple of Mommy Blogs bookmarked that I hate read. Here, a Mommy Blogger takes down the whole practice, and it's everything you KNEW about the ugly backstage world of Mommy Blogging. Suuuuuuper gossipy and absorbing.
  7. Fart dancing 🌬🌬
    My sister sent a video of my nephew and niece jamming to "Shake It Off." My nephew has a new move: he shakes his bottom and then turns around and makes a fart noise with his mouth. Is there anything more joyful than a 7 year old boy fart dancing on the eve of summer vacation?
  8. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
    Ugh. Maybe I DON'T suggest this. But @jhenifer and I have been texting about this one, so it got us talking. Which is more than I can say for most books I read. We agree it's enjoyable to read but also maddening. And not just for the reasons you think. Which I know is vague. Read and let's talk about it.
  9. Wireless headphones (these are the ones I got, but I think there are other good options: http://www.amazon.com/Kinivo-BTH240-Limited-Bluetooth-Headphone/dp/B00N43EREA )
    Ever want to take a bath while listening to an audiobook but don't want to drop your iPhone in the water? Or walk your dog and get your headphones tangled in the leash right as cute neighbor tries to say hi? Problem solved! Go for the cushion ear pads instead of those aggravating ear buds.
  10. Google Play Music App
    I know, I know. You love Pandora. But give this a chance. Play Music opens with a music concierge to suggest playlists for your current mood. I've discovered such delightful music playlists as Classic Girl Groups, Cantina Band Swing, Shiny Happy Pick-Me-Ups, and Sweet Soul Revival.
  11. Static
    As suggested by my friend Lauren. The headline has everything you need to know. Come on, you know you want to engage in schadenfreude with a smug Vegan.