1. Plizzanet Earth with Snoop: Otter Edition http://youtu.be/e-7UbU45a1U
    My friend CK sent this to me, probably because I enjoy otters and absurdity. She knows me well. This is Snoop narrating Planet Earth. It's an old video, but I've still watched it at least 10 times this week. It has not been a great week at work; this is how I'm coping.
  2. Euphoria by Lily King
    @jhenifer started harassing me to read this book a year ago, and I finally did and she was so right. It's a tight narrative, loosely based on a love triangle from the life of anthropologist Margaret Mead. It's an original story that's engaging to read while still feeling literary. And there's so much in there about gender politics and love. A+
  3. Rainbow Gum Trees
    Related to Euphoria. The cover art from the book represents a Rainbow Gum Tree from the story. Google them- they are real, and they are magnificent.
  4. UnReal
    Season 2 started Monday, and it's SO GOOD. If you're unfamiliar, it's a a fictional look at the backstage world of a Bachelor-esque show. It's dark, it's juicy, and it has maybe the best and most complicated female characters on TV right now. If you didn't watch Season 1, go find it and then join me here in Season 2. Also, Liz from Roswell is the star! Caution: not for the faint of heart! Sex scenes and drug use and terrible people are afoot!
  5. Static
    The title is misleading; this is really about bibliotherapy and how it works. How do I apply for certification? Thinks for referring this one, @jhenifer! You're on FIRE this week!
  6. Choco Belgian Waffle Chips
    Get thee to World Market (or the World Market section at Bed, Bath, and Beyond) and find these waffle chips! Real Belgian waffles, the kind with that crunch of sugar on the outside and the soft, warm interior, are out of reach in America. But these are still pretty rad. Slightly caramelized waffle chips coated in milk chocolate. Eating lots of salad these days so I can have as many of these as I want.
  7. Having 3 beds
    I work at home. My dog sleeps in my home office all day, moving from bed to bed as her mood dictates. Here she is in her Ugg-bed, where she sleeps when she's cold and wants to feel snuggled. This afternoon, she will move to her pink blanket so she can sprawl out like a starfish. Her life is not terrible.