1. The Great British Baking Show
    American Season 3 premieres Friday, July 1, 9 PM EST, PBS
  2. That's it. That is the only thing worth liking this week.
  3. That's not true. I also got some great leggings. But I want you to understand the depth of my affection for this show.
  4. It eclipses all other good things. And I need all of you to get into it.
  5. It's a baking competition show imported from Britain. They've done 6 seasons, and they air out of order for some reason on PBS. So our Season 3 is their Season 6.
  6. They have three timed challenges per episode based around a weekly theme: a signature dish, a surprise challenge dish with a vague recipe (they all make the same thing), and a showstopper final piece that's usually visually stunning.
  7. They bake in a fancy tent on the grounds of a British estate, and sometimes we are treated to shots of them sipping tea at their stations while they wait for their soufflés to rise. If we're lucky, we see a glaze of rain on the plastic windows and they use words like, "wellies."
  8. And it's just so civilized. And don't you think we could use some civilization right now?
  9. The judges don't berate anyone. The contestants support each other. And they only film on weekends.
  10. That's right! No locking them in the house for three weeks and goading them into destroying each other.
  11. They go home between rounds and live with their families and practice their bakes. We're really treated to people doing their best! With adequate time to prepare! What a concept!
  12. Mary Barry is a judge. She's like a boozy cupcake with a steel center that is somehow still fluffy and delicious.
  13. The hosts are two British comediennes who wear fanciful blazers and make naughty double entendre jokes about baking.
  14. "Soggy bottoms" is a running joke. If you don't love that, why are you my friend.
  15. And did I mention the food porn yet? These people make gorgeous things. You will want to eat all of them.
  17. Don't act like you're too good for this. Or like this is boring.
  18. When I visited my parents last fall, I insisted on watching an episode as it aired live. My dad acted like he was really putting up with something.
  19. Guess who called the next week to ask me what happened and if his favorite got kicked off?
  20. And then at Christmas, my niece- who has the attention span of a butterfly on amphetamines- sat to watch the whole Christmas special with me.
  21. Young and old. Men and women. Marrieds and singles.
  22. This show is the best common denominator ever. We all love baked goods.
  23. If you don't, you're lying. Or you're boring.
  24. And, speaking of diversity, this show has it. I mean, yeah, it's pretty vanilla because it's still British. But spoiler alert- this year's winner would not be asked on to Downton Abbey.
  25. Yeah, that's right. I already know who wins. But I'm watching anyway. It's about the journey. And the choux pastry.
  26. You can totally find all seasons online, if you don't care about legal viewing, btw.
  27. But don't you want to support your local PBS station? And isn't it pleasant to watch TV old school style and just savor one episode at a time? You wouldn't eat a whole Charlotte Royal in one sitting would you?
    Answer: you would not.
  28. If you can't wait til tomorrow, American season 1 is on Netflix. You have no excuse.
  29. This show is so soothing. And satisfying. It's like soft serve ice cream for your eyes.
  30. If I host a viewing party, will you come? This could be our new Friday thing.
  31. And we're not 20 anymore, so we can stand to have a new Friday thing.
  32. You need to watch this if for no other reason then to balance out your pop culture karma for making the Kardashians a thing.