1. One time I had some leftover queso from a take out order and some leftover chicken from another meal, and I made some really dope nachos. I drank wine out of a can with it while watching the Oscars. It was pretty satisfying.
  2. I went to visit my college friends who live in NYC. We got a container of banana pudding from Magnolia and a couple of huge cookies and just passed them back and forth while watching Meet the Patels on Netflix. It was a close second to watching Hamilton the night before.
  3. I took my college-age cousin and two of his buddies to lunch at a hip burger joint. They were hungover and got basic burgers. I got a steak tartare burger with a fried egg on top. Not only was it delicious, I both impressed and nauseated the boys.
  4. At the beach, my parents took my sister, her husband, and me out to dinner at a nice place. We wanted to order this meatball appetizer that was just called The Balls. We all kept giggling about it. This is funnier when you know my mom is super Southern and pearl clutching, but even she kept saying, "Balls!" and laughing.
  5. My writing group met at this cozy gastro pub where I ate the best pulled pork burrito while discussing gossip about published authors and dissected which ones are in cliques together. I also drank a particularly good fountain Diet Coke.