1. Standing next to a huge red button on Mars
    Age 7
  2. Getting married to David Bowie (and his dog?)
    Age 13
  3. When my vagina fell out (it was a squishy pink tube) and I threw it in a fish tank to keep it moist so a doctor could put it back in. Then a bird came and flew away with it and I felt my vagina in its beak. But I couldn't follow the feeling to find it.
    Age 19
  4. When I was trying to walk down a street on the west coast and I kept finding myself back on the street I grew up on in NJ. I had to get myself back to the west coast to try again, but kept ending up back home. I was so frustrated, I lied (I lie? I laid? Layed?) down on the street and said this is a dream and I'm waking up.
    Age 24
  5. When I followed the aliens to their medieval village and they offered me cheese the wrong way and killed me and the rest of the dream was me staring at a blank screen saying I think I'm not dead because I can still see black.
    Age 30
  6. Eating cinnamon on a pool table
    Age 35