It must be mentioned that Kanye has only recorded good records, he is the only artist in America that can boast such a feat. But ranking shit is fun so here goes
  1. G.O.O.D. Music Presents: Cruel Summer
    Not necessarily a Kanye album, there are multiple garbage tracks with third rate rappers such as Cyhi da Prince and mercenary singers like Teyana Taylor. Still, the mega hits dominated the radio waves in the (cruel) summer of 2012, including Clique, New God Flow, and the explosive Mercy.
  2. Watch the Throne
    Might be ranked higher if the album didn't fall apart in the last 4 tracks.
  3. Late Registration
    An album I have always underrated, many hip hop heads would disagree with me on this placement. Late Reg is too long and too indulgent. The skits are cringey and add nothing to the record. And yet, Gold Digger, Touch the Sky, and Diamonds (Remix) can set any nightclub on fire even today.
  4. The College Dropout
    As far as debuts go, Dropout is extremely strong, and is only hindered by gratuitous skits, and a few unneeded tracks (School Spirit, ugh). Kanye set a seemingly unreachable standard for himself, but he continually out did himself with his subsequent releases.
  5. The Life of Pablo
    Entering masterpiece territory. Who in the world has anywhere near Kanye's talent and confidence to produce a track like Famous and also put FML and Real Friends on it????
  6. Graduation
    Kanye already anointed himself Emperor at this point, Graduation was his Napoleonic coronation ceremony.
  7. 808s and Heartbreak
    It's taken some time and hindsight to fully appreciate how much 808s changed the entire landscape of hip hop, the third of five times (so far) that Kanye has done so.
  8. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Kanye has described MBDTF as "the album I had to make for everyone". At the most precarious point in his career, Kanye released an album that stretched the definition of "grandiose" and never has a point where the listener loses interest despite its hefty length.
  9. Yeezus
    Distilled, compact, furious, fresh, relevant, and beautiful. Takes you on a roller coaster ride from the very first sounds and leaves you breathless, until Bound 2, the glorious and joyous finale to a record in which Kanye embraced the role he always should have: pop culture's greatest and most compelling villain.