Things that happen when my husband is at work

None in any particular order, and they may have occurred on different days. They still happened, just the same.
  1. I ate all this for a meal.
    My kids may have ate their own too.
  2. I discovered this guy talking to The Book Thief.
    Funny kids!
  3. I stare at the box of papers that I should go through, but put if off, once again.
    Tomorrow is always a better day, I have said... maybe once, or twice, or a couple dozen times.
  4. I am supporting our 4 year old's desire to be the next American Ninja Warrior by letting her jump, leap and mastermind her own obstacle course in the front room, while I try to accomplish some household chores.
    Don't worry, she is still a bit of a "fraidy-cat" to do anything crazy.
  5. I may have ordered more than one item from Amazon, that would blend in with our household, to be delivered on days my husband is at work.
    Items include toys, movies, stainless steel cup, books, Bluetooth headphones, etc. Unless I mention that I ordered them, he would never know.