Because today was a productive day, at least I like to think it was...
  1. I woke up and exercised... what?!
    Ok, it was my daughter who woke me up and dragged me out of bed to work out. It wasn't so bad, but I have a feeling that we both will be hating life tomorrow. Hmm... that could be my new list tomorrow: all the places I am sore from exercising one day.
  2. I finally got my license in the new state I moved to (over a year ago).
    Ok, so I was being selfish and didn't want to get my new license because I still had a year left on my other license from my old state. What I didn't plan on, was letting my old one expire before I got my new state one... oops!
  3. I wrote a list.
    I will admit that I have a list of lists I had planned on writing, but never got around to. But I was determined to make one, so here it is: mission accomplished!