site-safety inspections in NYC

  1. 1. Proper ladder use. A-frame ladders fully opened/locked out when in use and nobody using the top two steps. Also, no leaning them against the wall while using them or walking ladders while on them. Damaged ladders removed from site.
  2. 2. Hard Hat compliance from every individual on site.
  3. 3. Scaffold Use Training Cards from all individuals on bakers/scaffolds- photocopies provided. Guard rails in place. No surfing of bakers and wheels locked when in use.
  4. 4. Scaffold and Side Walk Bridge Inspections – being completed daily where required.
  5. 5. Attendance Sheets – being completed by each company and copies provided.
  6. 6. Safety glasses if cutting/grinding or shooting etc. (remind all trades).
  7. 7. No storage of items leaning upright against the walls. Flat or lengthwise storage is acceptable.
  8. 8. Physical Guards on each saw operational, which includes, but is not limited to table and chop saws.
  9. 9. Fire extinguisher provided by respective trade in each hot work area - including braising.
  10. 10. Wires, cables and temp lighting maintained and tied up above head height.
  11. 11. Live Electrical Panels covered and locked when unattended.
  12. 12. GFCI use for all power tools.
  13. 13. Toolbox Talks – Being completed by each company and copies provided.
  14. 14. Safety Orientations - Being completed by each worker on site. All safety training cards provided during the orientation.
  15. 15. OSHA Barricades and Protection – In place where required and maintained.
  16. 16. Electrical Cords – Free of damage. No splicing or repairs made to extension cords.
  17. 17. Flag Men – In place where required.