Notes for me, before getting on the treadmill...

Personal note: so excited our gym is coming together!
  1. At least 10 minutes, preferably 45 at a decent pace.
    Meaning: Comfortable but Sweating.
  2. Drink water. Starting now.
    And don't forget a sweat towel.
  3. Did you use the "For Her, Body Glide"?
    Your thighs will thank you! (But so will your huha later... During 'Second Exercise.')
  4. You know: like second breakfast.
    That you won't be having any more, because...
  5. You are motivated to quit!
  6. Wear something you can feel good in...
  7. Check the mirror... What is your face telling you?
  8. You're ready! Go tackle that feeling with good music and the appropriate pulse level.