Things to appreciate in Scottsdale, AZ:

Besides winter. ;)
  1. The Greenbelt
  2. Daytime Nightlife
    The Hotel/Casino Pools throw massive parties during the day. (Major local and visitor attraction)
  3. High end shopping.
    Only a few that make me feel like some hooker named Vivian.
  4. The automobiles... OMG
    There's an amazing car show every Sat at the pavillions
  5. The movie diners
    From shit-kickin whiskey barrels to froo froo cheese players, pick your ambiance. The drinks come spiked!
  6. The Rogue Bar (Destination/Local Dive)
    Daytime, night time. Live Bands nightly. Longest happy hour and stiffest drinks.
  7. The food... Oh... Ma.... Gah...
    So many different options! And a few good chains here and there too.
  8. Noise ordinance for neighborhoods
    No construction nuisances from dusk till dawn.
  9. Great schools!
    Not all of them, but plenty from which to choose.
  10. Lagging Left Arrows
  11. Great hair salons, spas, 'doctors'
  12. My personal favorite: Tourism.
    They help me to be less intimidated trying new things in public......because if I get weird looks, I can just act amazed by a cactus or wagon wheel bench and all is forgiven...