One of these works every single time.
  1. That scene with the song at his grandmother's house in France from "An Affair to Remember"
    "'s a perfect world."
  2. Deeeeeep breaths
  3. Pull something from sentimental box and repeat as needed
    I have two big boxes full of cards, letters, photographs, momentums, etc. There's always something in there that reminds me I'm loved and have been blessed with wonderful people.
  4. Cleaning/tidying up
  5. Dance party
    As Christina Yang says: "Dance it out."
  6. Shower, air dry hair, lotsa moisturizer
  7. "Father of the Bride"
    Still wonderful after countless viewings.
  8. Call momma
  9. Go on a walk
  10. Listen to "La Vie en Rose" as performed by Louis Armstrong
    ALWAYS makes me grin and slow down and just listen to the music.
  11. Nap so hard.
  12. Watch the live action Cinderella
  13. Watch the "Make 'Em Laugh" song on Singin' in the Rain