At first I was just texting these to my friend, who has seen the entire series, but I need some more people to weigh in here.
  1. Why are there even men on this show?
  2. Why is Tim a college girls swim coach?
  3. Why isn't Jennifer Beals in everything?
  4. Why did Tim go to UChicago? Is he a successful swim coach or a washed up swim coach?
  5. Pam Grier?!?!?
  6. What is with these stylistic choices? The title cards? The cold opens?
  7. Were tinted sunglasses in the club still a thing in 2004?
  8. Did Tim really just look up homosexuality in the dictionary right before he married Jenny? Did that really happen?
  9. Straight people cannot watch and enjoy this show, can they?
  10. Marina is barely a person. She's just European. And who is Francesca? Wouldn't someone else have brought that up?
  11. Why is Tim so aggro?