1. Half-assed basketball
    We played on half a court with something other than a basketball. In any case, there were hoops involved. This was not a favorite amongst the girls I took gym class with, including those who actually played basketball.
  2. Running around the gym
    I was actually a very good gymnast in elementary school, but that shit got expensive and time consuming once you hit the sixth grade. And I never had any stamina and I still don't. Running was the worst.
  3. Flag football
  4. Tennis
    This one did not end in tears, I was just very very awful.
  5. Softball
    I vaguely remember getting hit in the kneecap playing softball. I couldn't pitch or connect the bat to the ball and cried in the bathroom.
  6. Canoeing
    For some terrible awful reason we were made to go canoeing down a river in the seventh grade. Now, kids are not good at steering or propelling canoes and I was especially bad. They had to tie my canoe to the gym teacher's. These were tears of frustration and humiliation. Really could have done without this whole experience.