Likely incomplete since I sadly won't get to listen to every minute of every game. Updated regularly. Contributions welcome.
  1. Parsimonious
    Twice as of Saturday afternoon
  2. Grievous
  3. Taciturn
  4. "Portugal take the lead in the dying embers!"
    Not vocab exactly, but very lyrical.
  5. Elation
    So much better than the alternatives.
  6. "Biblical downpour"
    Again, with the lyricism.
  7. Tussle
    I love this word.
  8. Pragmatic
  9. Mental and technical fortitude
    Bonus points for using in the first minute of a match
    Suggested by @aknott21
  10. Choreographer-in-Chief
    Suggested by @aknott21
  11. Formidable
    Again, so much better than the alternatives.
  12. "Comprehensive performance"
    Considering renaming this list "An Ode To Precision Of Language"
  13. "He's described as having the facial profile of the Amalfi coast"
    Is he now?
  14. Majestic
    Great way to describe a goal that almost was.
  15. "Serial flops"
    LOL, sorry England, but seriously.