Full Disclosure : this spontaneous, continuous honking is a thing that old Wranglers do sometimes, I know, it's happened to me. You must stay vigilant in the face of what I like to think of as the existential screaming of an old car.
  1. WAKE UP!
  2. Seriously, how are you the only person who has not been awakened by this?
  3. Are you ok? If you're not ok, I'm going to feel like such an asshole.
  4. Please make it stop.
  5. Your vanity license plate says POET... Are you a poet? I bet you're not. Poser.
  6. Finn is judging the shit out of you right now.
  7. OH. MY. GOD. My ears have been assaulted now for an eternity. It's 6:14 am. I hate you.
  8. Thank the lord, you stopped it. Back to bed!
  9. ...
  10. And... That's not happening. I'm awake.