Things that happen when you stay in and study while your friends go to the bars

It's currently 12:23 am and I'm studying and my friends are at the bars.
  1. [Before friends leave]: I'm going to be a good student and study
  2. [While said friends are pre-gaming]: shit that looks worse than normal😳Maybe it's because I'm sober
  3. [The moment friends leave]: instant regret not going
  4. [walks around the room a few times before sitting down to actually study]
  5. [sits down to study 20 minutes later]
  6. [feeling super smart for all of 8 minutes but then become sad when you understand any of the upper division genetics you're studying]
  7. [Decides to listen to Hamilton instead]
  8. [begin to feel defeated when even "Non-Stop" can't get you motivated and all you want to do is "Burn" your notes]
  9. [begins to wonder how this became an entire ode to Hamilton but you decide to just go with it]
  10. [Attempts studying once again, still to find little success]
  11. [Realizes that if one had gone to the bars instead, one wouldn't have found this app so slightly redeemed]
  12. [starts actually studying to justify not going out in the first place, but still a little lonely and sad]
  13. [Eventually gives up and accepts defeat]