Ever wonder what your flight attendant is thinking? I spend a lot of time sitting on the jumpseat. (You know that really comfortable looking fold out chair flight attendants sit on) and I think to myself
  1. Are my friends getting better trips then me
  2. When are we taking off
  3. What am I going to eat when I get to the hotel tonight
  4. What am I going to eat after service
  5. What was the flight time
  6. Why is 2C giving me the stare down
  7. Do I have something on my face
  8. Where am I going to fly next on my days off
  9. I wonder if the bids are out
  10. What is my boyfriend doing right now
  11. I wonder if this hotel has a crew room or microwave so I can have a hot meal
  12. The woman's skin in 1A is incredible I wonder what she uses
  13. Why haven't me taken off yet
  14. What day of the week is it, honestly I have no idea
  15. What's the pool like at this crewhotel
  16. What time is my report tomorrow
  17. Did I remember to pack flip flops?
  18. Omg I'm starving all of a sudden
  19. Omg I'm so tired
  20. Omg I still have another leg after this flight
  21. Is there a time difference when we get in