How to Fly like a pro
  1. Bring an empty bottle water bottle to the airport, fill it after security. You'll thank yourself when you're stuck in a window seat with sand paper tongue
  2. Bring chocolate for the flight attendants, even cheap Hersheys will send the message, "hey I'm not a dick like the rest of these people" you might even get something free in return
  3. Do a little research about the airline you're about to fly on. Check out there website and learn about their inflight entertainment and services available.
  4. Drink LOTS of water. Planes have less moisture then a desert.
  5. If someone had headphones in know that is the international sign of 'Don't even try to talk to me"
  6. Benches and Seats are for butts not bags.
  7. Bring your own earbuds/headsets. Listen to relaxing music in the airport and on the train.
  8. Go to the bathroom before getting on the plane
    Aircraft restrooms and nasty don't let anyone let you otherwise. Look to see when schedule boarding is and head to the bathroom a few minutes before that. You won't miss your flight unless it's a narly #2
  9. Don't ever listen to music without a head set on. That's just rude
  10. For the love of God. Be aware of your surroundings.
  11. Don't abruptly stop walking on side walks or in airports
  12. When on moving side walks or escalators KEEP RIGHT
  13. Bring a book. No one does this anymore
    No one does this either
  15. Don't act like it's the worst crime to all of humanity if you are minorly inconvenienced. Seriously, flying can be stressful but you're an adult. Get your life together
  16. Make sure you LOCK the restroom door. If you're on the plane this turns the light on, and a red signal that indicates the lavatory is occupied. It also prevents strangers from seeing your chacha
  17. Roll your clothes instead of folding when you pack. You'll be amazed at all the room
  18. Bring a comfy warm sweatshirt. Even if you're going somewhere warm or have nice clothes on. It can double as a pillow or a blanket if the air conditioner is intense
  19. I don't condemn or condone reclining your seat. If you must just be sure you return it to the upright position if you decide to sit up to eat or use the restroom or go visit someone 6 rows back. The person behind you will appreciate the time to stretch even a little
  20. Do not attempt to board the plane until your seat/row/zone is called.
    Every airline is different so listen to instructions! Don't just crowd the gate and boarding area like it's black Friday 1986 waiting to get the last cabbage patch doll
  21. Never EVER go into an airplane bathroom with bare feet! That's not water on the floor dude. In fact just keep your shoes on for the duration of the flight
  22. Give your magazines to the flight attendants when you're done reading them they don't have TV or movies to watch.
  23. Don't wear excessive jewelry or complicated strappy shoes to the airport. Remember you're going to have to go through a metal detector with 300 impatient people behind you. Don't be that person that has to walk through 3 extra times and still needs to be frisked. Unless you're into that. ..
  24. Test the size of your bag.
    At the gate there is a sizer that you can test if your bag will fit on the plane as a carry on. If you find its too big DO NOT still try to bring it on because "it fit last time"