I read a lot. Like a lot.
  1. Still Alice by Lisa Genova
    Some parts I found pretty depressing. Dementia, especially early dementia is something that seems scary when you are relatively healthy. Not as soul breaking sad as I thought it would be (which is good!)
  2. Christmas at Claridge's- Karen Swan
    Fluffy light book to make up for the serious book from earlier. Only my second book by this author. I found the main character to be hard to like for most of the book. I do want to visit Portobello Road in London and the coast of Italy now.
  3. The Silent Girls- Eric Rickstad
    I had added this to my to be read list because it was a suspense book. It was. But it ends as a to be continued (I think) which was frustrating.
  4. Beastly Things- Donna Leon
    I read this because it was supposed to feature a police duo like my beloved Kincaid and James. It wasn't like that at all. And I couldn't eat meat for a few weeks afterwards. You will see.
  5. Dumplin'- Julie Murphy
    Very sweet YA book that could totally pass as an non ya book.
  6. Moonlight Over Paris- Jennifer Robson
    Third book in this series/ trilogy? My favourite one. Deals with the aftermath of WW1 and life in Paris in the 1920's.
  7. The Forgotten Room- Karen White
    I am on a historical fiction kick. Enjoyed this one and the fact that it has 3 authors is cool and not weird (style wise).
  8. A Monstrous Regiment of Women (Mary Russell #2) - Laurie R King
    My second attempt at this series. Features an older Sherlock Holmes and his apprentice soon to be wife (not a spoiler as they are married in all the other books).