they are mostly things Becca has said because she doesn't do much and it's one of the many things I admire about her.
  1. anything she finds unpleasant makes Becca say, "ugh. I'm going to throw up." this is said in reference to anything. literally anything that is remotely unlikable. I mean there is nothing too elementary that does not deserve that comment. for example, couples sitting too close in public or people who say anything unintelligent ever.
  2. when she calls me "the worst." it's funny to me because that is how Becca expresses her deepest love. she tells you that you are essentially the worst person she's ever met in her life which translates to you are the best person she's ever met or one of them.
  3. Becca's adamant love for/defense of baby grinch. (from the grinch movie with Jim Carey. duh.) she feels as though baby grinch was forced to become the unlikable "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" that we know today. it is just funny to me that she gets so defensive about him, but I mean she's right. just watch the movie and you'll see.
  4. the time Becca fell through a second story window into our hotel room in France because she was trying to stealthily avoid being busted for hanging out on the roof. simply put: mission accomplished.