Things That Have Happened to the World Since Roger Federer Last Missed a Grand Slam Final

Federer has participated in an astonishing 65 consecutive Grand Slams, stretching back to 1999
  1. Both George W Bush and Barack Obama were elected to two terms as President of the United States
  2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was conceived, launched, and achieved worldwide renown, rapidly becoming the most critically acclaimed show on TV
  3. Twilight Sparkle arrived in Ponyville and reverted Nightmare Moon back into Princess Luna
  4. Terrorists flew two planes into the World Trade Center on September 11
  5. The Cutie Mark Crusaders finally gained their Cutie Marks
  6. Formerly cosmopolitan and sophisticated Syria became embroiled in a vicious civil war that turned it from a stable country into a nightmarish hellscape
  7. All the ponies, including Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash attended the Grand Galloping Gala
  8. BronyCon held seven cons filled with tens of thousands of enthusiastic bronies and pegasisters