Ways to Cope with that Post-Fuck Palace Ennui

So you've had a Fuck Palace for a few months, and the frisson has started to wear off a little. You went all in and took that initial dick dive into the heated, below-ground pool of genital secretions, and now you're filled with something that's not even phallic. No - it's regret. Even the couch cushions seem soaked in melancholy.
  1. Devote yourself to the greater world, something outside yourself. Experts say that helping others makes you happier. So maybe drain one of those syphilitic hot tubs and use it to nurture orphaned waterfowl.
  2. Find satisfaction by mastering something - not someone. Psychologists have found that focusing on mastery can induce a zen-like state known as 'flow'. Your dungeon has so much space, why not convert it and learn to tickle the ivories, or contact juggling?
  3. Understand that life is a hedonic treadmill - without conscious effort, you'll always adapt to anything that's new and shiny... and always lust for something more. This is how your humble Fuck Shack becomes a Fuck Palace, and yet you're no happier than before.
  4. Consider letting God inside you. It's understandable that you find religion judgmental, but have you ever considered that religion is a set of norms that have evolved over hundreds of years, and tossing them aside, just for the novelty of slathering yourself and your lovers in bacon grease, may be imprudent.
  5. Hire an ever-increasing stream of desperate nursing students to let you fuck their feet.