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and I like to check in on what they're asking Alexa from time to time
Don't Look Under the Bed? more like: I'm 24 and Still Seeing a Therapist About It
  1. Enter: Frances
    If you didn't have even a lil bit of a crush on her, back the fuck up you liar
  2. Enter: Larry
  3. Enter: spooky af scenes where someone is just causing a ruckus in this damn town
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  1. Brought to you by 2003
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  1. I'm talkin THIS
  2. I'm talking THIS minus the malfunction that causes an overflow of oranges
  3. YUSSS
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  1. Before party
  2. After party
  3. Hope u like my costume
  1. Thanks for looking! Just luv the beach
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almost makes it unwatchable to be honest
because of dumb religious rules or whatever. idk this is a throwaway list atm. add if you wanna
  1. Hug Me While My Dad Watches, I'm A Duggar
  2. Don't Know About Any Internet-Created Holidays, I'm Amish
  3. Kill Me, I'm Mormon
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for those of you not in "the know"
  1. But sometimes a doggo can be a pupper.
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