a week after graduating from college, my roommate and I backpacked through europe for 2 months. most pictures were released to facebook...here are 8 unreleased ones I will now show to complete strangers on an app
  1. Static
    So this was from Anne Frank's house. She is my doppelganger, which I've been relentlessly told since the 6th grade. My friend forced me to take this pic at the end of the tour in the bookshop. It felt very inappropriate at the time, which is why I withheld the pic. Also, @online
  2. Static
    In some palace grounds in Munich. I have never seen whiter legs in my life. It's like I put on sun tan lotion and didn't rub it in. This pic disgusts me
  3. Static
    Did you know Kraków is the birthplace of the bagel? We thought we knew, turns out what they consider a bagel is whatever the fuck my friend is holding. Circle bread. With me inside
  4. Static
    A "dink" is when you take your thumb in the position I have it here and stick it up in someone's butthole region - when they're clothed of course, unless you're into that. When you live with people for nearly 4 years you start doing shit like this. So I dinked a statue that probably has some importance to the city of Vienna, so I'm sorry about that
  5. Static
    Got a lil scared in a forest, can't remember where
  6. Static
    Hiking in Switzerland was cool and shit...but never again. I thought I was going to die there, completely serious
  7. Static
    Shucking an oyster is Barcelona...would you just fucking look at me? Do you think I knew what time it was?
  8. Static
    Another from Barcelona. Couldn't have my old ass aunts on FB thinking I put up middle fingers