Hilary Duff's Metamorphosis: Revisited

if you didn't have this album, eat yourself
  1. never forget that font
  2. Track 1: "So Yesterday"
    This was a good start track. Easygoing, throw caution to the wind - Hilary is setting us up here for some shit she's been going through. I mean, take another look at the album title people...I'm predicting a butterfly reveal at the end of this album.
  3. Track 2: "Come Clean"
    This song was my fuckin pre-teen angst jam. I sat in the backseat of the carpool mom's minivan and stared out of the window like I was in a damn music video. I WANNA FEEL THE THUNDER, I WANNA SCREAM what even are fractions??!! Fuck
  4. Track 3: "Workin' It Out"
    Some of you might have skipped this little gem. Not a mistake, she's just talking in platitudes here. Also, there's a point where she says "hey" in the song and it is definitely NOT her voice. I'm scared.
  5. Track 4: "Little Voice"
    That's right, she's talking about the little voice IN HER HEAD. And it won't let her forget. AND it won't let her get with YOU. I think this track digs into the insanity that Hilary is starting to feel, just like when a caterpillar systematically starts to lose its mind as it starts to build it's cocoon, which is how it is able to survive inside like that, because it is essentially non-functional. And I totally just made that up, did you believe me?
  6. Track 5: "Where Did I Go Right?"
    Fuckkkk it slows down here. It's not a terrible song, just boring as shit. She literally says, "I'm always driving, forget where I'm going. Should have turned left but I was singing some song." THAT'S WHERE YOU WENT RIGHT HILARY turn down the music and go left you muppet
  7. Track 6: "Anywhere But Here"
    Awwww yeah son this was one of my favorites. Damn I would close my eyes and act out my own dramatic music video shit. Also she says, "Now I can't deny, you're the moth and I'm the flame." but she's the one going through a metamorphosis right? I mean, she totally "wrote" that line knowing that moths go through a metamorphosis too right? Right??
  8. Track 7: "The Math"
    I really feel like these songs were written by 30-year-old men in big windowed offices of a music studio, all sitting around, their ties undone and hanging around their necks, hair in disarray, and really trying to pinpoint the most general, clichéd lines comparing a teenage boys' interest in H. Duff to the act of solving a math equation. I'm not wrong, am I?
  9. Track 8: "Love Just Is"
    You can't make sense of it, you can't choose it, LOVE JUST IS what is presents itself to be. Duff is starting to get more sentimental now, falling back into the boy trap. Wait a second........she's a butterfly, he's a Venus fly trap.......I'm just hypothesizing here.
  10. Track 9: "Sweet Sixteen"
    Do I even need to talk about this🔥track? She's got friends who love her, blue skies above her, and her blonde hair is everywhere (ew?). There's nothing in her way, except the traffic of L.A. RELATABLE rinse repeat, entire song
  11. Track 10: "Party Up"
    YES GIRL this track. Sixteen-year-old Hilary was fuckin nuts man. All she wants to do is party. "Come on and light me up," she croons. Now that I think of it, sounds a lot like she wants to be lit on fire. OR MAYBE her metamorphosis is being rolled into a self-made giant cigarette? Hear me out: she says, "You roll me, you use me, you love me and then, you wrap me up and reel me in and use me again." She's a fucking cigarette.
  12. Track 11: "Metamorphosis"
    "Could this song BE anymore self-explanatory," Chandler Bing
  13. Track 12: "Inner Strength"
    I forgot about this lil transition song. I honestly though the album ended at Metamorphosis. But I guess that doesn't make sense, because now that she's a butterfly, she has to show that she's truly changed right? No longer a cigarette and all that. "Listen girl you know it's true, in the end all you got is you." And obvs, how could I forget about...
  14. Track 13: "Why Not"
    I really like how this song title doesn't have the question mark. It's bold - it's saying I'm not posing the question, I'm stating it. WHY NOT CANNIBALISM...WHY NOT TUNA FISH WITH A LOT OF ONIONS...WHY NOT A BUTTERFLY WITH CIGARETTE WINGS
  15. Why not.
  16. If you haven't already decided to re-listen to this album, do it now. You won't regret it. If you lose a moment, you might lose a lot, so try pot.
  17. And just because