Let's Talk About the Most Fucked Up Disney Channel Movie EVER

Don't Look Under the Bed? more like: I'm 24 and Still Seeing a Therapist About It
  1. Enter: Frances
    If you didn't have even a lil bit of a crush on her, back the fuck up you liar
  2. Enter: Larry
  3. Enter: spooky af scenes where someone is just causing a ruckus in this damn town
  4. And then things get even more fucked up
  5. Oh
  6. Hell
  7. Nah
  8. I am just so not interested at this point. Not interested in the nightmares. Not even interested in the GIANT PEANUT BUTTER JELLY SANDWICH
  9. This is me at this point in the movie
  10. I mean, it just gets worse from here
  11. Me on the first day back at work after the holiday:
    sorry I couldn't waste the opportunity
  12. But I will tell you something...
  13. I CANNOT be the only one that wanted this baller shirt. Would you just look at it??
    She's good now!!
  14. I mean...
  15. Fuck it I'm out again
  16. Seriously this aired on the same channel as High School Musical though??
  17. I already published this but had to come back to add that PB&J pic lol