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  1. If you don't love it in the dressing room, you'll hate it in your closet
  2. It ain't a problem til it's a problem
    Also: Don't fix what ain't broken
  3. Life's too short
    ...so eat the cookie, take the trip, quit your job, etc.
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  1. I'm lazy
    It's reality.
  2. I'm not nearly as creative/funny as people on here
  3. I don't know if people think of these things quickly?
    Maybe I'm just a slow thinker. I've got things to do
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  1. Last minute flights to Portugal..
  2. Last back up: never
    Reaction: 😖
  3. No explanation needed
  4. Because you can't be late for kickball
  1. #1: A ROLLING backpack
  2. Comfortable shoes
  3. A luggage lock and larger lock (if staying in hostels)
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