When Mother Nature can't make up her mind I try to stay positive and think about all the beauty of Wisconsin. I'm going to refer back to this list next winter or next week when we probably get some wacky May snow storm 😁😳☃❄️🌞🌞
  1. The winters get cold and long but you sometimes you gotta make lemons into lemonade.
    🍋🌨🏃🏻(still totally offended there isn't a woman runner emoji! 😡)
  2. New Glarus beer, only in Wisconsin. Spotted Cow, ahhhh 🍺
  3. House on the Rock. Crazy-steampunk-hard to describe-attraction. Google it!
  4. Holiday Music Hotel. Another Google, Steel Bridge Songfest. Musicians from all over the world come to tiny Sturgeon Bay for this awesome grassroots music festival. Think great bands in great dive bars
  5. Wilson's-a Door County gem
  6. Door County sunset
  7. Cave point county park
  8. Sparta bike trail tunnel-they have a marathon and half marathon that runs through this pitch black tunnel
  9. Trade River Retreat-Grantsburg
  10. Lambeau Field- need I say more?
  11. And when winter just keeps dragging, sit back and take in how pretty it is