Which type are you???
  1. The Social instagrammers
    Always out on the town and surrounded by their besties all the time
  2. The semi celebrity instagrammer
    You might not get but everyone else does and ❤️s everything they post no matter how random or bad the picture is
  3. The Artsy instagrammer
    I wish I could make life look as pretty as these people do
  4. The Outdoor enthusiast instagrammers
    The rare picture of a person may appear from time to time
  5. The what I'm doing right instagrammer
    These grammers tend to post pics from the neck down, or of their desk at work. They make what they are doing/wearing/working on a work of art. This type would be very familiar with the feet instas.
  6. The Foodie instagrammer
  7. The Dog instagrammer... Do they know any people??
  8. The high roller instagrammer
    Recently I have noticed this one emerging. They tend to post only when they are doing something that must have cost a fortune... And are great at making me jealous.
  9. The over instagrammer... I hate to say it but Beyoncé is guilty to this one from time to time
    One event and this grammar can't pick their fave pics from the event so they post 20!
  10. The just don't get instagrammer
    They give a valiant effort but no matter what they do their pictures always look like crap
  11. The Boyfriend instagrammer
    The only pictures they post are with that one special person
  12. The never instagrammer
    These people gave it a shot, but prefer to follow others