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  1. I believe that older white men are coming of age.
  2. You see, as children, you get more than your fair share
  3. Everything is about you
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  1. I have no problem with strippers, hooters girls, etc as a feminist
  2. The way I see it women have a choice and that is their choice
    No problem.
  3. Where I have issue is on a larger, strategic scale
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  1. 0
    Innate knowledge only
  2. 3
    Wanted to know everything
  3. 12
    Definitely had this life thing down. Adults were idiots. I had the answers.
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  1. Brought my laptop to the sofa on a Friday afternoon
    You might be thinking- wow she's dedicated. What I haven't told you is that I only brought it to the sofa to charge my phone...
  2. I only realize how many things I need to touch AFTER my hands are yucky with raw chicken juice.
  3. My daughter now speaks in #hashtags
  4. Dog playdates.
I'm struggling with a thought right now- this is my strength of consciousness.
  1. I've never been one to have many friends
    I keep a small group of friends and that's how I like it
  2. I like my friends like I like my...whatever
    Strong and opinionated.
  3. We moved about a year ago and, at 36, I find myself without any real friends locally.
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  1. I stopped to grab donuts AFTER I dropped the kid off at school. RUDE!
    My wants are just as important as another person's so why can't I get a donut just for me? I can and should splurge once in a while without guilt.
  2. I couldn't sleep last night. Now I'm ornery and tired and ornery some more.
    Yesterday was very emotional even though the news was GREAT! I spent all day emotionally preparing my dad to accept that my mom has cancer, then found out she didn't! Best news ever but I needed some me time to process. Sleep suffered but I did get some me time.
  3. Ugh, I have a "day trip" for work which is just the worst. Up at 4am, home at 7pm. Crazy busy all day.
    Ugh, stop whining. You have a great job that you love, great boss, and he values your work! Grab a Starbucks at the airport and shut up already.
  1. Breathe
  2. I'm glad she's moving so close to us
    10min away
  3. I'll be close so I can help
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  1. He has never seen Pretty Woman
    He was old enough to see it when it came out.
  2. He doesn't know all the words to Baby Got Back
  3. He's surprised that I do
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  1. Today I was in a meeting
  2. An older man gave a solution to a technology issue
  3. The leader ignored the comment
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  1. I miss the quiet of nature
  2. And small towns
    Except when I want food delivered to my door 🍜
  3. I got lost in being present
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