1. I stopped to grab donuts AFTER I dropped the kid off at school. RUDE!
    My wants are just as important as another person's so why can't I get a donut just for me? I can and should splurge once in a while without guilt.
  2. I couldn't sleep last night. Now I'm ornery and tired and ornery some more.
    Yesterday was very emotional even though the news was GREAT! I spent all day emotionally preparing my dad to accept that my mom has cancer, then found out she didn't! Best news ever but I needed some me time to process. Sleep suffered but I did get some me time.
  3. Ugh, I have a "day trip" for work which is just the worst. Up at 4am, home at 7pm. Crazy busy all day.
    Ugh, stop whining. You have a great job that you love, great boss, and he values your work! Grab a Starbucks at the airport and shut up already.