I don't dislike the 4th, but there are definitely aspects that give me pause.
  1. BBQ
    To qualify: while growing up BBQ consisted of cheap BBQ sauce on chicken. Texas brisket is amazing.
  2. Fireworks
    I've never liked loud noises. I'm on team Dog when it comes to the issue of fireworks. I'm not on team Dogvwhen it comes to Methods of saying hello. 🐕🐈
  3. Fireworks
    My dad scared the fun out fireworks for me. Overprotective fireman. I was never allowed within 10' of fireworks which leads me to...
  4. Fireworks
    Drunken idiots with explosives.
  5. 1 day of fake patriotism
    Texas talks about seceding, Reps hate dens (vice versa), VA benefits are drastically reduced, people yelling "not my president". But on the 4th were all proud?