(From part 1) "It was great to meet you" and "I'll see you Saturday" was all he could muster before sprinting out the door after his intoxicated friend...
  1. She has 2 friends in NY and they are both running terribly late for the party on Saturday night.
  2. She waited an hour in a shop on the corner before finally summoning the courage to enter the party by herself.
  3. As she walks in to the garden (yes, this Alphabet City apartment has a garden) . She spots him and immediately goes to him.
  4. They talk for 45 minutes before her friends arrive.
  5. During this time, she tells him the first lie of their budding romance.
    "Oh, you live near The Park?" she says, "I'm going to check out The Park tomorrow. "
  6. Being new to The City, of course she wants to check out The Park. She just wasn't necessarily going tomorrow.
  7. He takes the bait and invites himself along. Just as she hoped he would.
  8. The date lasted 6 hours and they both went home as if on a cloud.
  9. "I'll call you" he said. And he did.