a love story- part 3

(From part 2) The date lasted 6 hours and they both went home as if on a cloud. "I'll call you" he said. And he did.
  1. The next few weeks went by in a blur.
    Drinks here, dinner there, museums and NY tourist spots for the new New Yorker, even a few "I can't tonight, but I'll call you later" evenings where they talked until 2.
  2. Her parents came to visit, and even though they'd only been dating for 3 weeks and had yet to call each other boyfriend or girlfriend, he willingly met them.
  3. Her uncle was sick, very ill in fact, and a few weeks later she took a week off of work to care for him and his family.
    In their young love, they couldn't bear to be away for a week, but family was not a responsibility was nothing she took lightly.
  4. "Just one thing before I go to the airport"
    I'm late and the home test is positive.