(From part 4) Happy Holidays, you're fired!
  1. Having been fired, she was a little bitter, a little worried and a lot without health insurance.
    It was now the new year, they had moved to Brooklyn. Boxes were everywhere and her tummy was growing.
  2. Should they get married?
    "I really don't want to get married for insurance. " he said. "I want to get married because we're ready."
  3. "I love you" he said, suitcase in hand, as he left for a business trip.
    It had been the unspoken phrase, lying between them at night and there every morning. They both felt it, they both knew it, but no one said it until he did.
  4. Spring came and life was all about baby showers (there were 3), baby prep, and mourning.
    Oh, the baby was fine. Her uncle was not.
  5. She was as big as a house and loved every minute of it.