(From part 5) She was as big as a house and loved every minute of it.
  1. As far a births go, it was fast.
    In a total of 7h, they were proud parents of a baby girl!
  2. There wasn't much he could do in the beginning- about all he could do was change diapers and hand their child to her.
  3. The next few months were a bit of a blur- more survival than anything.
  4. Intimacy was nonexistent.
    He wondered if she was ready, she wondered if he still wanted her now that she had far from a great body.
  5. When they finally connected it was not like in the movies. It was like their first times again. Awkward, unsure, sweet and awkward (again). But it was real.
  6. By their one year anniversary they not only had a child, they were moving...to Dallas.
    Could they survive in the land of big hats and big hair?