In an uber from ORD to downtown
  1. It is 90deg
  2. A/C is running only for affect. Not effect.
  3. I'm on the side of the car with the sun beating down on me
  4. I'm in jeans
  5. I'm hot
    But I think you've received the message
  6. Driver has glanced at me every 15 seconds since we got in
    Not in a friendly or flirty way. More of a I don't trust you way. Isn't doing this to my SO
  7. As soon as we got in he misted a spray into the A/C vents.
    My eyes are stinging.
  8. On the other hand, I know the vents must be blowing some air.
  9. Positive note:
    When we get there I will get a fresh shower (who doesn't need one after traveling), a date with my SO💙 and I will be in Chicago!
  10. Woo Hoo! Yeah baby!
    Thanks for processing with me!