I'm struggling with a thought right now- this is my strength of consciousness.
  1. I've never been one to have many friends
    I keep a small group of friends and that's how I like it
  2. I like my friends like I like my...whatever
    Strong and opinionated.
  3. We moved about a year ago and, at 36, I find myself without any real friends locally.
  4. I have a BFF in my mom but it's not the same as a peer.
  5. My SO is great, but not a female BFF
  6. My SOs best friend's wife is great but we never had friend chemistry.
    We have a relationship built on respect (and wine) and she's a great friend but she's not a BFF
  7. There are women I like in my child's school's mom group- but no one I can really 'be real' with
  8. This all started when I was left out of 2 different activities with different social groups.
    Insecurities arose.
  9. Then I start to think that my mom had the same thing.
  10. Is it some learned emotional wall I put up?
  11. Is it just that when you live in a place where you don't have life long friends and you're a working mom- everything else comes first?
  12. Is it because I am just too opinionated and women (specifically in the suburbs) are offended by it?
  13. Maybe it's anxiety around large social gatherings because I come from a small family where I was the only child?
  14. Maybe I should just get over myself and figure out how to make some new friends?