Highlights from Guadalupe Mountain adventure
  1. Rabbits and lizards are the squirrels of nature
    Always running across the "road" just as you approach
  2. I love that my phone had no reception
    I believe in disconnecting, being present, and not being pinged as tat conference call starts back in the real world.
  3. Because in the real world this doesn't happen without a phone in the other hand
  4. Rattlesnakes are best left uninterrupted
  5. Afternoon naps are frequent after a great hike.
  6. Trail conditions were excellent. Thank you National Park Services!
  7. When walking to the restroom before bed if you see 2 eyes glistening in the near distance, convince yourself it's a deer and walk briskly.
  8. Climbing trees beats a playground any day, any time.
  9. My daughter learned that mental toughness can get you through your tougher moments when your body says "no"
    Honey BBQ chicken jerky helps too.
  10. When picking your freeze dried meals, do not get the curry. It is inedible and will forever stain your camp bowl.
  11. Stopping in the trail for photos will result in photos like this. The bugs encourage you to stop.
  12. Instead of this
  13. Static