Note: I am not a millennial. They are not the devil.
  1. You are your brand.
    Want to drive a person born before 1990 crazy? Just say the above phrase. Reality: replace the word brand with reputation and you realize that your mother/grandmother/etc told you that all the time.
  2. Entitlement
    Before you call someone else entitled. Look in the mirror. Or at the thousands of dollars worth of gadgets we carry around daily like its nothing. Or at how we freak out if we are delayed by 5 minutes. Just saying. 😀
  3. You are a winner.
    The generation of participation medals. Okay, this one does get me- but it's hardly the participant's fault that there was no score and they received medals.
  4. They crave a different kind of drug.
    They'll "never be royal." They don't want to be. They want to be happy, inspired and make the world a better place. I can not be mad at them for it. Actually I'm a bit jealous at their willingness to forgo certain luxuries for the above. (Yes, those were Lorde lyrics in the beginning)